On Black History…The Love Edition: Barrack and Michelle

The one thing that inspires me the most in life is love. When I was younger I thought that I could live without it. I wrote poems like ” Love Does not Exist”. When the truth is I resented love. My parents have been married for 35 years and the love that they have for each other is sickening. They can’t move without each other. No one can eat if the other isn’t present. They talk to each other on the way home to and from work. And there are many days that I feel like I will never have something like that.

Then I see Barrack and Michelle. For the first time outside of my household, outside of a movie, there’s a real-life black couple deeply in love.  How can I not be inspired by this? The moral support. The PDA that they always show. The great example that they set for their children. I know relationships are hard, especially when you’re the POTUS and FLOTUS. But damn they make it look easy ♥♥♥.

Michelle on Barrack:

“One of the things that attracted me to Barack was his emotional honesty. Right off the bat he said what he felt. There are no games with him—he is who he appears to be. I feel fortunate as a woman to have a husband who loves me and shows me in every way.”(Source)

Barack on Michelle: “Sometimes, when we’re lying together, I look at her and I feel dizzy with the realization that here is another distinct person from me, who has memories, origins, thoughts, feelings that are different from my own. That tension between familiarity and mystery meshes something strong between us. Even if one builds a life together based on trust, attentiveness and mutual support, I think that it’s important that a partner continues to surprise.” (Source)

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