On Everything and Nothing…

Can I just say that I’m proud of myself! I am trying very hard to be consistent with my blog this year. It’s not a resolution; it’s more of a movement. I realized that this blog is about everything and nothing. It’s about the things and people who inspire me. It’s about the things and people and places that fuel my procrastination and keep me from writing. Yes, this is my new distraction. At first it was twitter, then facebook, then tumblr, then facebook again. Now it’s wordpress. Anything to keep me finishing my revisions.

I keep asking myself should this blog be about writing, which would make a lot of sense. I could chronicle my journey to publishing, etc… Or should I use it to promote my upcoming book about death? Blogs are definitely great marketing tools. And there’s so many weird and quirky stories about death. Should it be a place for me to write long entries and showcase my writing skills? or poetry? Should it be more structured?Less pictures. More words. Less skin in my header.

I don’t know. But until I figure out what I’m doing with this platform, it will continue to be about everything and nothing. No one has ever been able to put me in a box and I don’t want to put this blog in a box. The writing, the fashion, the death, the friends, the mentoring, the music, the gadgets, the pictures are all a part of me. I AM EVERYTHING AND I AM NOTHING! Nothing More, Nothing Less.

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