On Life: Funeral Homes are the New Wedding Chapel

If you don’t know by now, I used to work in the funeral business for almost a decade. And during that time, I watched the business reinvent itself. The interior–and even exterior–of recently built/remodeled funeral homes are pretty darn fab. I mean the fancy chandeliers, window treatments, rest areas, and chapels can be gorgeous. Gorgeous–for a funeral home.

So according to an article in US Today, funeral homes are renting out their chapels for weddings and other events due to the economy. I’m sorry, I loved my funeral home but I would not recommend it as a wedding venue. Not that the court house is any better but there’s just something creepy about beginning your new life in a place that just memorialized someone’s former life.

I’m not even going to lie, when I worked there I used to use the funeral home as a multi-purpose center. I held meeting for my poetry group. I invited a reporter to meet me there to interview me about my first book. All of my friends visited whenever they were in the neighborhood but a wedding…

Listen, I know times are hard. Weddings are expensive. Venues try to rip you off. But if you don’t have a church, I highly recommend your backyard…lol

I don’t know… Would you be open to a wedding in a funeral home????

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P.S. I just remembered the photo for my blog header was shot inside of funeral home…lol

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