On Inspiration…

I wrote this piece when she passed away, a few years ago. She was a beautiful woman and I think her legacy is just as great as her husband’s.

All hail the King… I mean Queen


She said she married his vision

Of rainbows and mountains

Of chocolate- vanilla, and strawberry-banana splits

Whipped with cream gently swirled across the top

To remind of the whippings that were generously given off the top

Of gray churches, with a wooly haired, ebony toned, chinky blue-eyed Jesus

Of purple schools with red white and blue buses

Transparent work places where experience

And talent and potential guaranteed position and promotion

Of checkered playgrounds and football fields

Of peppered debate teams, congress seats and multibillionaires


She lived his dream

When it became a nightmare

Borrowed Joseph’s techno colored dream coat

Wore it each day with pride and humility

She carried his seeds on her back

Knapsnacked and kicking

She buried fears in the same casket with him

Let the debris from all four entries embody her

She erased disbelief and retyped faith

She tattooed it on her left breast

Righteousness on her right

He believed in non-violence

But she was ready to fight

And her only weapon was her life

Because every day that she breathed

Someone found their might


She carried billions on her shoulders

She sacrificed her sanity

To create legacy

She kept the end in mind

Blocked out fame

Ignored fortune

Felt the world’s poverty

Painted a canvas of unity


She spoke truth in an arena of lies

She wore beauty modestly

She reigned righteously

She stood humbly

God fearing,

She was a King(literally)…I mean Queen

The template for the life of a woman with virtuosity





  1. nia shanel
    January 19, 2011 / 7:48 am

    Wow…you have a GIFT

    • thewritesheri
      January 19, 2011 / 8:25 am

      Thanks, Nia!!!

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