On Technology…Or to iphone or not to iphone???

Verizon is now the proud carrier of iphone 4. The fancy touch screen handheld phone was once exclusive to only AT&T, but now they have competition. I am super psyched about the this. I am loyal Verizon customer. I have been with them since they were Bell Atlantic Mobile. I had a huge Nokia celly back in the 8th grade. It was only for emergencies, but I still fronted like I was balling.  I have become very attached to my blackberry in the last few years, but all I can think about is the iphone. I want to play Angry Birds and Words with Friends, but I don’t want to sacrifice bbm and my great camera flash.

So what’s a girl to do??? And I’m not keeping both. Grrrrr! Blackberry better come out with a new phone and quick because 2/10/11 is approaching rather quickly…


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