On SWAGG…Or how to recover from a fall

Each year my parents take us to Atlantic City the day after Christmas. This year I sacrificed our winter vacation in order to provide a winter session for the S.W.A.G.G. Academy. This week we had twenty girls sacrifice facebook, texting, sleep, watching videos and playing video games, to participate in our sessions on self-esteem and character.

And while I’m sure they had a wonderful time, I think I learned the greatest lesson of all. We went skating today and I have not been skating in years. I thought I would sit it out but when I saw the girls having fun I just had to join in. Not to mention, we had the entire rink to ourselves. So I laced up my skates and I went for it. I held onto to the wall as I walked toward the opening to enter the main floor. I was petrified to get out there because I did not want to fall. I have bad knees and I didn’t want to risk an accident but nevertheless I went for it. At first I was hesitant but then my feet remembered the rhythm and slid across the floor with such ease.   The brush of air that met me when I turned the corner felt amazing. I was confident. I trusted my feet in those old-warn-rental skates. I threw my hands in the air. I moved my shoulders to the music. I waved to the girls and taunted thw ones who were still holding on to the wall. And then after about 10 tens laps I felt my legs get stiff and before I knew it I had collapsed on my behind. It was a terrible fall and I was embarrassed. I sat still for a few seconds but I knew I had to move. The music hit me and I was back up again.

I wasn’t afraid to fall but I wasn’t sure how I would get back up. I just knew that I couldn’t lay there in the middle of the floor. I realized that I’m not afraid to fail because I have the courage to get back up.  And I did just that, only to fall again later on.

The Winter Session of S.W.A.G.G. was very successful. I can’t wait for the summer to get here:).

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