On Foolishness…Or more Antoine Dobson

I’m amazed that Antoine Dobson has been able to milk his fame this long.  Each holiday season he seems to reinvent himself. For Halloween, he was able to capitalize off of his ignorance with Bed Intruder Halloween costumes, and now for Christmas he has a Holiday song which appeared on the Lopez Tonight. But here’s the thing, the video below isn’t funny. It’s too calculated and too cutesy. Someone put too much effort into making it, which makes me feel bad for laughing at the first version of the song. The one where he warned everyone to “Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife.” It really shouldn’t have been funny that an impoverished young man from the projects had to threaten his sister’s alleged rapist on television in the way that he did. We laughed  as we watched someone’s home and body and security be threatened and violated. Millions of us laughed. I laughed for months. I still crack up when I see the video.

I’m glad that he has the opportunity to make some money that may help his family out of their predicament. And I will say that his app that allows people to find sex offenders in their neighborhood is rather brilliant.

I guess sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying, even if it is at ourselves. Check out the parody below…

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