On Life: Alicia Keys and Other Celebs Die for a Cause

In honor of World AIDS Day, December 1, celebrities like Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Lady GaGa, and Justin Timberlake are killing their social media outlets, but only temporarily. This new effort is a part of Keys’ Buy Life campaign in conjunction with her Keep a Child Alive organization. The participating celebrities have vowed to kill their twitter feeds and facebook interactions until they reach $1,000,000 to help children infected with the AIDS virus.

I’m not sure if any of the participants will really be missed on twitter, but I do think this is a worthy cause for their followers to contribute. Millions of children have been orphaned due to the epidemic and millions more are living with the virus themselves. I am very passionate about this cause and will certainly make a contribution to save a life. After living in South Africa in 2007, where 1 0ut of 2 people are infected, it became very real to me. So, this holiday season give someone the gift of life. Visit buylife.org or keepachildalive.org

P.S. You know I loved the whole death theme in this campaign. It’s a little creepy to lay in a casket, but it’s brilliant!!!

Photos courtesy of USAToday and FoxNews

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