On Life…Welcome to Atlanta Part 1

My mother always told me that you only get three real friends in life. She went on to say that those friends would most likely be her, my father, and sister. And while I think she may be on to something, I must say that I have grown very fond of this particular group of girls (and guy), and I’m glad to call them girlfriends. For the last five or six years, I have been very particular about the females that I get close to. I am very guarded and low-key when it comes to women. I don’t trust women with my business; I don’t trust them around my dudes. I don’t like drama or confrontation, so I don’t get close. But these chicks have broken me down and I find myself stepping outside of my comfort zone. And they bring me joy when we’re together. ¬†Oh, and I can’t forget our favorite guy, George. He’s special, too.

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to go to Atlanta and shoot with celebrity photographer Derek Blanks. Blanks is famous for his alter-ego photo shoots and being the go-to photog for everyone from the ATL Housewives, to Lance Gross and Necole Bitchie. He is very talented and a graduate of the Maryland Institute and College of Art (MICA). So, he has love for Bmore.

We decided that we wanted to do a simple beauty shoot that was full of fun and friendship. Here are the results…

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