On Dancing…Or why I’ll always love watching people Dougie

As a rhythmless person, I find great pleasure in watching people do the Dougie. The new dance craze, which is supposed to pay homage to Dougie Fresh, was re-introduced by Cali Swag District. Their hit “Teach Me How to Dougie” has had the clubs on fire since the summer. When that song comes on, people go crazy with their renditions of the dance. Chris Brown kills it every time, Will Smith and Justin Beiber did the Dougie last week and then NBA baller John Wall Dougied his way onto the court. Watch below.

So here’s my list of things I would do if I had rhythm:
1. I would teach you how to Dougie

2.. Become a Luke Dancer or some kind of back up dancer

3. Join Tye Tribbet and GA

4. Stop standing on the wall at clubs

5. Wear a leotard and leg warmers with every outfit

6. Write a one man dance/musical/play thing and perform it in the middle of the street.

7. Join the cast of Fame or Fela

I can go on and on but for now I just keep watching C. Breezy Dougie.

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