On Writing: My Week in Writing-A Photo Essay

Every writer has some kind of weird thing that they do when they write. Some writers can’t write without coffee. Some like to write with music, others without. Some like to write in bed, others at a desk in an office outside of their homes. Writers have a list of things they need in order to produce quality work. My thing is getting pretty to write. I like to paint my face, put on stilettos and drink chai lattes. I also take a photobooth photo of myself each time I write. I once read that Gay Talese gets up in the morning and dresses in a full three-piece suit before he goes down into his little cellar to write.


  1. October 31, 2010 / 7:16 am

    I need lessons. I am a shambling mess and the more I write, the more dishevelled I get. The house goes to the dogs. Time seems to disapear in chunks of three hours and I have no idea where it went…

    Fabulous post. Must check out the three piece suit guy.

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