On Art: The body as a canvas

Music producer, Swizz Beatz, posted this twitpic on twitter with the caption: THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST CANVAS I EVER PAINTED! ITS MY BEST WORK EVER WOW!!!!!!!! ART IS LIFE & LIFE IS LOVE…

How beautiful is it to paint/paint on your wife and mother of your newborn child? And even more beautiful when that woman happens to be Alicia Keys. This is a perfect picture, if I have ever seen one.  As the sun bounces off of the trees in the background, she still stills the spotlight. Tribal signs painted on her face. It reminds us of Africa, of motherhood, of the circle of life.  With the words love painted all over her body, it’s her eyes that actually spell it out. Her pose and hair so natural. She hit him with the flex…lol

It is clear that the newlyweds are deeply in love with one another and their newborn son, Egypt. I have to be honest that I was not an advocate for the Alicia/Swizz love connection, but this has given me a new perspective. I really hope the two of them of them have a successful marriage because the pattern of male cheating always usually repeats itself.

Swizz has always been an art enthusiast, critiquing and now creating fine art. This is definitely a masterpiece.

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