On Foolishness…Or what I should be for halloween

I think I’ve made it clear in my previous post that I will never hate on a hustler. If you can take your fifteen minutes and street them into hours, days, or weeks, then I am all for it. Antoine Dodson shot to fame  after appearing on his local news and directly addressing the would-be rapist of his sister. The video went viral because of ridiculous 1) he looked (red bandana and fro 2) the way he spoke 3) and his boldness to address the perpetrator. Someone then made an autotune version of his clip and the internet went nuts. Last week Antoine performed on the BET awards and now he has his own Halloween costume.

So, for $24.99 you can look like Antoine Dodson. Just make sure you “Hide your wife. Hide your kids. And hide your husbands because they raping everybody out here.”

I found this on tumblr earlier today.

Photos courtesy of http://bedintrudercostume.com and tumblr.com

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