Rihanna Finally Fights Back…

After almost nine months of silence, Rihanna will finally speak out about the infamous altercation that took place with Chris Brown.
One can only wonder if her interview will be as vague and ambiguous as Chris Brown’s Larry King appearance. It’s clear that they are both young and have to experience trials and tribulations just as everyone else. But it is also clear that there is a generation of young boys and girls who look up to both of them and who are either victims or victimizers and need help.
Every night I listen to my young neighbor argue and fight with his girlfriend. Some nights it sounds like it may turn physical. Each day when I see him, he’s still just as sweet and kind as always. Maybe it’s stress, jealously, alcoholic, or control issues that causes this kind of behavior. I can’t call it, but someone has to speak out about it.

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