Order your Casket at Walmart.com

Imagine my surprise, when I heard that the Walton’s were at it again. This time they are expanding their brand into my industry of expertise:death. The one-stop-shop will now sell a range of caskets, urns, and funeral jewelry on their website. The products usually ship in up to 24-hrs.
While this is a brilliant idea, there are still a few flaws.
1. As a chronic online shopper, I’ve realized that some products are misleading. I have ordered tons of stuff from stevemadden.com, urbanoutfitters.com, anthropolgie.com and had to return them because it didn’t look like the picture, or didn’t fit, or the quality sucked. So, photos may be deceiving.
2. The other issue is that when it takes up to 48-hrs for you to receive the casket, it limits the time you have to check it out or return it if necessary.
3. If you think that the funeral director is not going to make-up for this loss then you are crazy. He’s going to add it into your bill elsewhere.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Wal-mart is on to something with the urns. Caskets, not so much.

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